Building Tragedy!


Tragedy happened the morning after I posted the Jing Jing Olympic Model. When I walked into my LEGO room I did not see my Jing Jing model on the desk as I expected. It looked like this instead.

A Builder's Worst Nightmare!

A Builder's Worst Nightmare!

After the initial shock, I sat down and got to work. I hadn’t just spent six days on this model for it to last for only one day! Now granted, the model’s head is top heavy. But if you do notice, since the model is broken, that the model is hollow. As a Master Model Designer, we always have to make a model as light as possible. That is part of the reason it broke so easily, the other reason was that since it was a prototype the bricks were not as interlocked as they could have been, especially on the head of the model. If I was going to display the model any where, I would probably make a copy with the bricks better interlocked. That’s how we did it in the Model Shop. Prototypes are intentionally fragile (in other words easy to take apart) , that way if you don’t like how the model is going, you can change it easily.

So as I said, I got to work. Although it looked terrible, the model wasn’t all that hard to put back together. It actually only took me about ten minutes to put all the parts back where they were. And no, there were not extra pieces when I was done. I think the main reason that it only took me a few minutes is that I had just built the model. If say the model broke six months from now, it would probably take more time to figure out how it all goes back together. But then again, if the model broke in six months I probably wouldn’t put it back together at all, since the Olympics would be over. 😉


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One Response to “Building Tragedy!”

  1. jaw7 Says:

    That Reminds me of a great yet terible day! (dosn’t make sence I KNOW!) I had made a great lego plaque saying LEGO on it! I brought it into school for show and tell! Then I wanted to show the teachers outside on playground duty. I held it on a loose brick MEGA BLOCSS!! (can’t stick!!) and the hole model just got destroyed!! Thankfully my teacher took pity on me and allowed me to put it back together during class!!

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