Professor Maple


Professor Maple is my second entry in Resonably Clever’s Brick Science Contest. This model is for Class 2 – Evil Scientist Impulse Build. You can only build with a limit of 50 pieces. This is a great challenge, to get your point across without going over the piece limit. Chris Doyle, creator of Reasonably Clever, allowed for the use of Mega Blocks or non-LEGO elements, since the scientist is evil.

I figured that this would be perfect excuse to use my Pokemon Mega Blocks bricks. I got these in Japan about 7 or 8 years ago, and I just never found a use for them. As a general rule I don’t buy Mega Blocks, they are far inferior to LEGO in quality, but the Pokemon were just so cute I couldn’t resist.

As for what Professor Maple — rival to Professor Oak — is doing, he is creating “Poke-cubes” just to upset the balance of things. 😉


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One Response to “Professor Maple”

  1. jaw7 Says:

    I apsolutly hate mega blocs!!

    When I was Younger I Studily poured a big tub of mega blocs in with my normal lego!

    😦 It was quite a bother!!!! AND THAT WAS FOR SURE!!!

    So now every bloc I see I either break it with my teeth! (which shows how strong they are :P) or put them in the bin!!

    When I saw those Pokemon I wondered what set they were from but once I read it I saw it was Mega Blocs!!

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