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Model Building Tips – Using LEGO in unexpected ways

September 7, 2008
Michael Jasper's shopping cart

Michael Jasper's shopping cart

Although I’ve been looking at his models for years, Michael Jasper’s shopping cart really showcases his model building genius. I found this image on Brother’s Brick. The shopping cart is a great example of my current topic – Using LEGO in unexpected ways.

One of the many things that I love about LEGO elements is how endless the possibilities really are. Now I’m not talking about bricks and plates, which naturally have their place. What I am talking about is all the thousands of special elements that LEGO has created over the years. As a Master Model Designer I learned how to look at LEGO elements not as what they were, but what they could be. Every LEGO element was originally designed for a specific purpose, sometimes even for a specific set (lightsabers anyone?), but just because it was designed to be one thing, doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in countless other ways.

I mention the lightsaber because up until its introduction in 1999, who would have guessed what a totally useful piece the lightsaber blade would end up being. Up till that point, the closest thing we had was the 4 brick high antenna or technic tubes (if cut at the right length). But the light saber blade revolutionized LEGO building as a whole. Now available in a wide variety of colors, I find more and more uses for it all the time.

Although the Master Model Builders and the AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) have been doing it for years, LEGO has finally started to catch on. With sets like Green Grocer and Cafe Corner LEGO is finally showing the average consumer that there is more than one way to use a LEGO element.

So, here’s the Tip part: twist and turn your parts, see what it does on an angle, see how many ways one element can connect with another. Michael Jasper and others like him show us all how truly endless the possibilities are if we “Just Imagine.” 😉