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Model Building Tips – Twisting the Brick

September 8, 2008

Most mosaics I see built by adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) are built studs up – usually built one brick or plate thick on a baseplate. A few others are built straight up. But a very small few build like this:

This is one of my newest creations. A LEGO LEGO logo. Now of course, its been done before, but as I said, very few people build by twisting the bricks sideways. I should also mention that this is completely uncheated. I didn’t cut or alter the bricks in anyway. I just twisted them. Turning LEGO bricks and plates sideways is nothing new, that is what S.N.O.T. (studs not on top) is after all. But I always like to take it that much further. On my Flickr account you can see the layout I drew before I started building.

That is my tip, draw out what you are going to do. That way you have a plan to go off of. You may not follow the plan exactly, I found myself changing a plate here and there, but at least it is a jumping off point. And, as a bonus tip: four plates and one tile (two studs wide) makes a square. That is how you can twist bricks and turn them sideways. And then to attach them to the rest of the model, you just use a technic brick and a half pin.

Now I have to admit, the first time I saw this type of building, I never thought that I would understand it, much less excel in it. I thought that there was some magic to doing it. But once I understood the basics, I absolutely loved building mosaics! I quickly realized that they were like cross stitch patterns (which I have been doing for over 20 years) or like a geometric math problem (which was one of my favorite subjects in school). There’s no magic to it, it just takes time a practice. Try it out for yourself. 😉

Miniland Stan

September 8, 2008
Miniland Stan times 7

Miniland Stan times 7

Just as I am a former Master Model Designer from LEGOLAND California, Miniland Stan is the former mascot for LEGOLAND. Although he isn’t seen in the advertising anymore, you can see him (and me) on the LEGOLAND souvenir video. It’s also a little known fact that there is a Miniland Stan model on the nose of the long necked dino at the park. He was put up there for the video, and then when they were done filming, they forgot to take him off. As far as I know, he is still up there to this day.

On the video Stan is the tour guide and he shows guests all of the, then current, attractions at the park. Stan introduces me as his creator. I was actually known as Miniland Stan’s mom by my fellow employees since I made most of the the versions of Miniland Stan that were used in the television and print ads. I really liked making Miniland Stan, it was fun having to make different versions, depending on what they wanted Stan to do.

Even if Stan is no longer the mascot, he still has a spot in my heart – and my LEGO room (I have a model of Stan on display). 🙂