Miniland Stan

Miniland Stan times 7

Miniland Stan times 7

Just as I am a former Master Model Designer from LEGOLAND California, Miniland Stan is the former mascot for LEGOLAND. Although he isn’t seen in the advertising anymore, you can see him (and me) on the LEGOLAND souvenir video. It’s also a little known fact that there is a Miniland Stan model on the nose of the long necked dino at the park. He was put up there for the video, and then when they were done filming, they forgot to take him off. As far as I know, he is still up there to this day.

On the video Stan is the tour guide and he shows guests all of the, then current, attractions at the park. Stan introduces me as his creator. I was actually known as Miniland Stan’s mom by my fellow employees since I made most of the the versions of Miniland Stan that were used in the television and print ads. I really liked making Miniland Stan, it was fun having to make different versions, depending on what they wanted Stan to do.

Even if Stan is no longer the mascot, he still has a spot in my heart – and my LEGO room (I have a model of Stan on display). 🙂

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