Model Building Tips – Twisting the Brick


Most mosaics I see built by adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) are built studs up – usually built one brick or plate thick on a baseplate. A few others are built straight up. But a very small few build like this:

This is one of my newest creations. A LEGO LEGO logo. Now of course, its been done before, but as I said, very few people build by twisting the bricks sideways. I should also mention that this is completely uncheated. I didn’t cut or alter the bricks in anyway. I just twisted them. Turning LEGO bricks and plates sideways is nothing new, that is what S.N.O.T. (studs not on top) is after all. But I always like to take it that much further. On my Flickr account you can see the layout I drew before I started building.

That is my tip, draw out what you are going to do. That way you have a plan to go off of. You may not follow the plan exactly, I found myself changing a plate here and there, but at least it is a jumping off point. And, as a bonus tip: four plates and one tile (two studs wide) makes a square. That is how you can twist bricks and turn them sideways. And then to attach them to the rest of the model, you just use a technic brick and a half pin.

Now I have to admit, the first time I saw this type of building, I never thought that I would understand it, much less excel in it. I thought that there was some magic to doing it. But once I understood the basics, I absolutely loved building mosaics! I quickly realized that they were like cross stitch patterns (which I have been doing for over 20 years) or like a geometric math problem (which was one of my favorite subjects in school). There’s no magic to it, it just takes time a practice. Try it out for yourself. 😉

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