LEGO Batman hits the Happy Meal


The Caped Crusader has hit the Happy Meal!

McDonald’s has eight LEGO Happy Meal toys for the upcoming Batman Video game. They are not actual LEGO bricks, but they are pretty neat. The “Minifigures” are more like the Gentle Giant LEGO Star Wars figures. And they also have four vehicles with mini characters driving them.

I would have prefered actual LEGO. But at the same time I plan on getting at least some of them.
So check it out at your local McD’s and don’t forget that LEGO Batman is coming out on the 23rd. 😉

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One Response to “LEGO Batman hits the Happy Meal”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Yeah, these toys are kinda cool but I too would have liked to see actual “Lego pieces”. But, kids choke on those so there you go!


    Thanks, Tommy

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