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Greetings from New York

September 22, 2008

Hi all, as I said, I’ve been really busy working on a project. I’ll post images of the project, and the event later, but for now I’ll give you a teaser.

You can check out the full details of the event by clicking on the image.

Its my first time to New York and I really like this city. I got to my hotel in the early evening, so I had time to do some sightseeing. Not only did I visit Time Square (not as big as it looks) but I also went to the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station. I also tried something I’ve never done on my trips, I took my Minifig avatar along with me and took pictures of it at different locations. I was inspired by the Flickr group Legos in real life.

The view from up here is really great!

The view from up here is really great!

I look forward to tomorrow’s event. And for those of you that live in the New York area, come on by the American Museum of Natural History from 4-8pm to check all the festivities out! 😉