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LEGO Batman: The Mosaic

September 27, 2008

Hi all. Sorry I’ve not been quite as faithful in my writings lately. But I do have a good excuse. Now that the “big project” is over I can show you all what I was working on.

This is my LEGO Batman Mosaic. It took me about two weeks to make. It is two feet by two feet in size and it has 14 different colors in it. The bats in the background and on Batman’s chest as well as the belt and logo on Robin’s chest were made by my brother Michael Asanuma. He is a graphic and special effects artist up in LA.

I made it for Warner Brothers Interactive and built it on-site during the Launch Party for the LEGO Batman the Video Game that was held at the Natural History Museum in New York on Sep 23rd. I also made the LEGO Batman the Video Game logo. This mosaic is three feet long and about a foot tall.

I also wanted to share the amazing cake that was created by Confetti Cakes:

Its not LEGO, but it sure looks like it!

Its not LEGO, but it sure looks like it!

I’ll try and be better at posting, but I am also going to go on a road trip up to BrickCon starting tomorrow. By the way, for all of those going, you will be able to see both Batman Mosaics on display at the convention.