The Masses Descend on BrickCon08


Well, I’ve finally gotten home from Seattle. Driving there seemed like a good idea, all the way until driving back, its a looooong way from Seattle to San Diego! We actually made the second half (over 600 miles) in one day. But the trip was definitely worth it.

Although this was my first year, BrickCon seems to grow bigger and better every year. There were over 7000 people that visited BrickCon08, almost twice as many as last year! I even heard that there was a 45 minute line for people to get in.

Look at all the people!

Look at all the people!

I was glad that I was a full attendee, able to bypass the lines and see all the MOCs without tons of people around. But at the same time, I was also glad that so many people came and checked out BrickCon. I look forward to BrickCon 09!


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