2009 Pirate set: #6241 Loot Island


I was just at Toys R Us today and I saw several of the new 2009 pirate sets. I am very excited about these sets! I’ve seen seven of the Pirates sets so far, two of them at LEGOLAND and five at Toys R Us, and of all the sets I find Loot Island to be the best value for your money.

Loot Island

Now it does not come with the blue base plate, but it does come with a formed island plate, I just wanted you to see what it looks like on a baseplate. The only thing that I forgot to put in the picture was the crocodile. And for those who remember the Classic Pirates, the cannon is just like the original one, and shoots!

The set is $20, and contains 142 pieces. That is a little lower than some $20 sets, but considering all the new elements that are available in this set, I am very pleased with it personally. As you can see there are 3 minifigures — a pirate, a castaway, and an Imperial Guard. All the minifigs have printed decoration on both the front and the back. There are new fish, telescope, and flame elements. The new 4×4 turntable, in the dark blue boat, is really cool.

The entire 2009 Pirates line is great, but I would highly recommend this set. 😉


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2 Responses to “2009 Pirate set: #6241 Loot Island”

  1. Loot Island - The Pirates Post Says:

    […] You can see my review of it on my blog […]

  2. mike Says:

    hey i like lego pirates and stuff and i have one of the old lego pirate sets and i was just wondering if you were coming out with a new pirate ship cause the old ones cost so much!

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