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Wyland Mosaic

November 18, 2008

I made this little mosaic a few years ago when I was still at LEGOLAND. It was actually made for Wyland, the artist that does all those ocean paintings.

Wyland mosaic

The really tricky thing was getting the right look since Wyland uses dozens of different shades of blue to paint a majority of his pictures. That is why I settled on doing this image. It uses 5 shades of blue: sand blue, medium blue, blue, dark blue, and Maersk blue. I’m sure a lot of you are shocked that I’d use Maersk but in the Model Shop we had a pretty nice supply in a lot of different shapes. I also used white and clear bricks.

And here’s a Model Building Tip for you: Generally when I am doing a mosaic, especially when it is small like this one, I have to simplify the image and take away some of the details without losing the general look. Trying to do all the lines or shadings is almost impossible at this size, so you have to pick and choose what you keep in and what you take out. Sometimes that is easier to say than do. 😉