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Sydney Opera House Mosaic

November 21, 2008

Sidney Opera House

Here’s a little mosaic I just did today. I say little because it is only about 4 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It took me about three hours total to design and build this. I used a lot of the 1×1 slopes or “cheese wedges” as they are commonly called. It is 1 brick thick, but a lot of pieces are not attached, so if I knocked it sideways, a lot of the 1×1 slopes would fall out.

Model Building Tip: If you want something that isn’t actually attached to anything in a Mosaic to say in place, build a frame around and behind the mosaic. It still won’t be attached, but it won’t fall out unless you turn it face down, and sometimes even then it will stay in place. Also, you can use a bit of double-stick tape to hold it in place. I know that the point of LEGO is for it all to stick together, but when it comes to building remember — gravity is your friend! 😉