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Christmas Contest at

November 29, 2008


Well, I knew it was about time for someone to have a Christmas-themed contest. FBTB, one of the best well known LEGO Star Wars sites announced their Christmasification Contest.

There’s two categories for you to build in-

Christmasify a Star Wars vehicle! It can be a starfighter, speeder, or even a capital ship. Size matters not. As long as it’s minifig scale and captures a Christmas feel (or other holidays of the season, if you want to Hannukaficate or Kwanzadizzle it). Maybe it’s a reindeer drawn A-Wing, a festive TIE Fighter, or a snowman AT-AT (Frosty the Planet Wrecker) or a sleigh-style landspeeder. Have fun!

Holiday vignette! Include at least one movie character, no bigger than a 12×12 base, and a height limit of 1 foot. The vignette needs to capture a Star Wars and holiday feel, and can be as serious or as humorous as you like. Again, HAVE FUN.

The last day for submissions is DECEMBER 20th, and judging/voting will occur immediately afterwards.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this one. Reasonably Clever’s Spooky Star Wars contest garnered some really cool Halloween models. One of my favorites was Raxor’s Imperial Candy Corn Destroyer.


Hopefully there will be some really cool models that come out of this contest. To find out more information check out their contest thread. 😉