Castle Advent Calendar – Day 1


I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the Castle Advent Calendar when it was briefly made available here in the US. I figured that since not every one was able to get it, I would at least give you a glimpse of what the set has. So I am going to have a “virtual” advent calendar here on my blog for each day leading up to Christmas.

Here is what behind door #1:


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5 Responses to “Castle Advent Calendar – Day 1”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Is the friction on your knight’s neck overly strong? I put mine together this morning and now I can’t remove or even turn the head…

  2. modelbuildingsecrets Says:

    Joseph, I don’t seem to have that problem with mine. If you really can’t take it off, you might want to call LEGO customer service about it.

  3. bmwlego Says:

    Greetings. Joseph, I am not having that problem with my Day 1 set.

    I am attempting to build the sets without opening the bags they come in, also known as in bag building. Day 2 was tough because it barely fits in the big (it is so tall). So far I am up to day 6 and have completed all of the sets in the sealed bags. I just thought I’d do something different with this year’s Advent Calendars and this has definitely added a new twist/challenge to this annual LEGO Christmas Tradition!

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