Power Miners have surfaced at Toys R Us


I was just at my local Toys R Us last night when I found four of the new Power Miners sets were among the 25 or so 2009 LEGO sets that have appeared on store shelves recently. I find it rather interesting that LEGO is releasing so many of their next year’s line for the Christmas season.

As for the Power Miners theme, well I have to say that when I saw the first grainy images, I was a little unsure how I would like it or not. But, I was willing to reserve judgment until I had actually seen the sets. I purchased the #8957 Mine Mech to see what the fuss was all about.

I have to admit, the line is starting to grow on me, despite the color scheme. The one thing I had not anticipated was how truly adorable the rock monsters are! This is mainly due to how very small they actually are, shorter than even the standard Minifigure.

The new elements, such as the dynamite and the crystal in trans-green, make this little set worth getting. The only thing I object to is the rather clunky ball joints that make up the body of the Mine Mech.

One interesting feature that I found is that the rock monster’s arms and Minifig’s arms are interchangeable.

Another cool thing was the new 1×2 clip plate.

On the whole however, both the model and the theme are fairly playable for kids (that’s what they are for after all). I really love the rock monsters and I’m all for the new trans-colored crsytals. I’d give Mine Mech an 8 out of 10. 😉


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2 Responses to “Power Miners have surfaced at Toys R Us”

  1. jaw7 Says:

    Wow I really wished I had the Power Miners!

    On Lego.com there is a quiz which tells you which power miner you are like!

    I agree that all ball socet joints are iritating and hart to get on and there are also places where it can’t move!

    Are the mens arms easy to take off?

    http://www.jaw7.wordpress.com !

  2. mulfrag1990 Says:

    my friend told me that the rock monster’s body had a high chance of breaking during taking them off, is it true?

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