Castle Advent Calendar – Day 22


Not only did she send a troll, she also sent a flaming catapult. Will the soldiers win the day? Will the Innkeeper see her husband again? They are fighting valiantly, but who can say at this point?



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4 Responses to “Castle Advent Calendar – Day 22”

  1. tariii Says:

    Post more stuff on power miners

  2. tariii Says:

    I was wondering if you could build a 3d Christmas tree?

  3. modelbuildingsecrets Says:

    I actually already built one that is about 5 inches tall. But I don’t want to post it quite yet because I am going to use it for an upcoming book that I am making for next year.

  4. tariii Says:

    oh,I went to Walmart today And found the Darth Vader that you posted about It was in a set that was 60 dollars and specail edition.I also found power miners,new clone wars sets,Pirates,and a random set that came with random pieces and a minigigure.(pirate,fireman,knight.)

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