A new Power Miners Monster has been Leaked


This image has been bouncing around the Internet for the last day or so.

He looks a little bit scarier.

He looks a little bit scarier.

Not much is known about it other than its Power Miners. I thought that the Rock Monsters were a little small, and didn’t look to scary. It looks taller than a standard Minifig. Maybe this is the Rock Mother? Who knows. I’ll let you know as soon as I do. 😉

Update: Although I still haven’t seen too much about the set this monster comes in. You can read my newest post about the Power Miners Crystal King set.

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8 Responses to “A new Power Miners Monster has been Leaked”

  1. Lino Says:

    Ahhhh, exciting. I was wondering if they were going to do anything more than the stocky little rock monsters. Looks like they are.

  2. plasticat Says:

    Might be from the summer set Crystal King….

  3. Scorpio Says:

    This is one of the three known ranks of rock monster!

    First is the small ones which come in six different colors (You can find these in early 2009 sets)

    Second are these rock monsters who are taller than the minifigures (You can find these in late 2009 sets)

    Third is the crystal king who is an impulse set and is an exoforce robot with a rockmonster head (This is an impulse set and will be released at the end of 2009)

  4. Scorpio Says:

    It is confirmed this is meltrox after he eats a super power crystal.

    There is also a green one which is released in a different set which will represent sulfurix after he has eaten a power crystal.

    It is like the lego castle sets the orcs are the small baddies then you have the ogres who are the main evil people.

    By the looks of things he doesnt have much articulation and is like the old rock monsters from the series lego rock raiders. His legs are joined together and only his arms and possibly lower jaw move.

    I suggest buying any set for these baddies i cant wait to have an army of rock monsters like this especially if i can get all the small guys in large forms aswell.

  5. michey Says:

    Actually the Crystal King is released in august and is $20.00

  6. FuhSpipttub Says:

    You got the wrong number.
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