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Miniland Scale Segway

December 20, 2008

LUGNuts’ “All But Four” Challenge is the best one yet! There are over 100 responses to the thread. I thought I’d take another crack and came up with this:

Despite rumors to the contrary Miniland Stan, former LEGOLAND California mascot, is alive and well.

Despite rumors to the contrary Miniland Stan, former LEGOLAND California mascot, is alive and well.

I had Miniland Stan take it out for a test drive. 😉

Castle Advent Calendar – Day 20

December 20, 2008

The Innkeeper has the table set in the tavern for her husband. A nice leg of turkey and cup of mead will give him the energy he needs after the battle is over.


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 19

December 19, 2008

The Innkeeper keeps her pantry “fully” stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables that she buys daily from the market square. Looks like there will be carrot stew and apple pie tonight.


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 18

December 18, 2008

As the battle continues to rage, the Innkeeper waits in anticipation hoping that her soldier husband will return home to her. She likes to keep her Inn nice a tidy for guests. Unfortunately, she has some unwanted guests as well.


Power Miners have surfaced at Toys R Us

December 17, 2008

I was just at my local Toys R Us last night when I found four of the new Power Miners sets were among the 25 or so 2009 LEGO sets that have appeared on store shelves recently. I find it rather interesting that LEGO is releasing so many of their next year’s line for the Christmas season.

As for the Power Miners theme, well I have to say that when I saw the first grainy images, I was a little unsure how I would like it or not. But, I was willing to reserve judgment until I had actually seen the sets. I purchased the #8957 Mine Mech to see what the fuss was all about.

I have to admit, the line is starting to grow on me, despite the color scheme. The one thing I had not anticipated was how truly adorable the rock monsters are! This is mainly due to how very small they actually are, shorter than even the standard Minifigure.

The new elements, such as the dynamite and the crystal in trans-green, make this little set worth getting. The only thing I object to is the rather clunky ball joints that make up the body of the Mine Mech.

One interesting feature that I found is that the rock monster’s arms and Minifig’s arms are interchangeable.

Another cool thing was the new 1×2 clip plate.

On the whole however, both the model and the theme are fairly playable for kids (that’s what they are for after all). I really love the rock monsters and I’m all for the new trans-colored crsytals. I’d give Mine Mech an 8 out of 10. 😉

Castle Advent Calendar – Day 17

December 17, 2008

To keep tabs on how the battle is going below her tower, the Sorceress looks deep into her crystal ball. It looks like the soldiers might defeat her skeleton minions, she just might have to do something about that . . .


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 16

December 16, 2008

Naturally our Sorceress needs a place to store her vials and potions. Due to a misplaced spell Mortimer, her pet bat, must sleep right-side up and often takes his afternoon naps on the top shelf.


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 15

December 15, 2008

The Sorceress is brewing a bubbling concoction in her cauldron. Her pet snake loves to swim in the steaming liquid, that is what causes him to be red hot.


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 14

December 14, 2008

As the dwarf gets back to mining and the battle still rages above him, an Evil Sorceress watches it all from her tower. Could she be the one controlling the army of the undead? Is she secretly after the crystal gold? Why is there lightning coming from her hand? Only she knows the answers to these questions — and she isn’t telling.


Castle Advent Calendar – Day 13

December 13, 2008

And what is a dwarf with out his tools? This dwarf stores them in a handy dandy wooden crate. A friendly frog keeps them company.