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Gargantuan Gargoyle

February 25, 2009

gargoyle_77_77_minifig_2, originally uploaded by dm_meister.

Dirk Vh built this impressive gargantuan gargoyle (note the minifig) sculpture in a little less than a month.

Lego Gargoyle Large Blue Bricks
Built February 2-22, 2009

approx 10,600 pieces ( incl. 300 plates for base layer)

He definitely captured the organic shape well. On Flickr, you can see the set of photos and the smaller orange gargoyle.

10193 Medieval Market Village — in Microscale

February 25, 2009

Miniature version of 10193 Medieval Market Village, originally uploaded by .eti.

eti. built this fabulous microscale version of the Medieval Market Village.

From the fish and flower stall (I know, weird) to the trees and even to the cows, all the details are there. The buildings even have their interiors decorated!

You can also go on Eurobricks to read more about eti’s creation.