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Captain’s Cabin Contest

February 28, 2009

Captain’s Cabin Contest, originally uploaded by SlyOwl.

There is a fun contest just starting up at Classic-Pirates.

Between plundering and pillaging, pirates have to lay their lice-infested heads somewhere! From the lowliest rat-infested bilges that serve as crew’s quarters to the luxury of the captain’s cabin, there’s building scope a-plenty!

Your task is to show this – what goes on there, what it’s like – the works!

It doesn’t have to be for the captain – crew’s quarters, the ship’s kitchen, the brig e.t.c. are very welcome.

It can be from any seafaring faction, be they Pirates (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Chinese e.t.c.), Imperials, Merchants, Islanders, even! Fish-pirates, skeleton-pirates, troll-pirates and the like are all acceptable. Borderline steampunk is also allowed, but try to maintain the seafaring aspect.

It doesn’t have to be based on a ship. It could be on a wrecked ship, something similar to the Captain’s Quarters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney, or something from your imagination! Please avoid building it as part of a full ship, as this will exceed the permitted dimensions and may skew votes away from the subject matter.

Sounds like fun. I look forward to see what people make. You can read the rules at Classic-Pirates.