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BrickFest 2009

March 30, 2009

P1030835, originally uploaded by Bill Ward’s Brickpile.

Well, BrickFest has come and gone. (Sadly, without me 😦 ) Although I wasn’t able to make it, Bill Ward has taken lots of images so that I can almost pretend that I did go.

Check out his large collection of images on Flickr.

Forgotten Soldier

March 28, 2009

Forgotten Soldier, originally uploaded by T Karrde.

Harry Russell made this great little scene of a poor forgotten soldier. 😦

I love all the little details like the half buried cannon with overgrown plants and the sad remains of a boat dock. The use of brown and the new dark brown tiles is great too.

Wooly Mammoth

March 27, 2009

Wooly Mammoth, originally uploaded by Sir Nadroj.

The more I see of Jordan Schwartz’s models, the more and more impressed I get. He seems to have an inexhaustible supply of creativity and constantly showcases some new technique or other.

Look carefully and you’ll see the Indy hats and the overturned half barrel used in unlikely but perfect ways. 😉

New Images for LEGO Battles DS Game

March 25, 2009

The more and more I see of LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS, the more I’m interested in it. It looks like Ninjas, Islanders, and even the new Space Police aliens will be included in the gameplay.

LEGO Battles ArtworkSee More LEGO Battles Artwork at

LEGO Battles ArtworkSee More LEGO Battles Artwork at

The only thing I’m bummed about so far is the lack of the game on other systems like PS2 or Xbox. Nintendo DS has come a long way from the original Gameboy, but it still can’t equal the other systems in visual quality.

After conquering Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones, Lego is finally building a game out of its own parts. Lego Battles for the DS uses the toy maker’s Castle, Pirate, and Space series for more than 70 missions and six different storylines as players create bases and command armies.

To tell you the truth I’m not a big fan of “commanding armies” but I’ll probably buy this one simply because it looks like a great game and I’ve loved all the other LEGO video games created by Travelers Tales.

Going Bald (Eagle that is)

March 24, 2009

Bald Eagle 1

After creating such a huge Barack Obama mosaic I wanted to build something a little smaller. As always I like to challenge myself to build something I haven’t tried before.

I’d never built a LEGO bird yet (except in Miniland scale) and I thought I’d give it a go. I decided to build a life-size Bald Eagle bust.

The trickiest part was designing the eyes. In both animal and people LEGO models the eyes are the most important part. They are what makes them seem most alive. My solution was to use a 2×2 radar dish (or parabola in the offcial Model Shop terms) in transparent neon yellow. It seems like a strange choice, but bald eagle’s eyes are actually yellow. I thought about trying regular yellow, but it didn’t have the right effect.

Bald Eagle 2

Another aspect when designing a real animal is the organic shape. That is sometimes a difficult effect in LEGO — to get the hard, sharp bricks to look like feathers, fur, or hair. Sometimes its a matter of using special elements or specific parts to make the animal more realistic. If you’ll notice, I used tiles on the beak and a 1×1 cheese slope at the tip for that very reason.

LEGOLAND California is 10 years old.

March 23, 2009


This past weekend LEGOLAND California celebrated its 10th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, my good friend and fellow Master Model Builder Bill Vollbrecht designed “the world’s largest birthday cake.” It had all kinds of really cool details all built in Miniland scale that showcase different rides and areas of the park. The cake was even animated and the candles at the top light up.

I checked out the cake on Saturday. That was a mistake. I only say that because it was packed!!!!! Because it was the 10th anniversary, they had a promotion with a local radio station for $10 tickets into the park. I went specifically to see the LEGO cake, since I have a year pass and because I worked there for 5 of the 10 years its been open, I don’t usually go when its crowded. In fact, I try to avoid it whenever possible. But, even so, it was a nice day.

Even though I don’t work at LEGOLAND anymore, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I still have lots of friends that work there. Also, because I was involved in designing and creating so many areas of the park a little piece of me is still there. 😉

Hope of Obama

March 20, 2009

Hope of Obama, originally uploaded by Model Gal.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably been wondering what I have been up to in the way of LEGO building lately.

Late last night I finally finished my latest LEGO creation. I call it the Hope of Obama. I was inspired by Shepard Fairey’s original, and wanted to see if I could do it out of LEGO.

To do it properly, I decided that I would use the colors that were closest too the original. That meant using a whole bunch of Medium and Dark Blue, not the most common of LEGO colors. In fact, I used almost all of my Dark Blue bricks and plates just to finish this model.

It is 28 inches tall and 19 inches wide. I used a lot of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques to get all the details right.

This model took me a lot longer than I’d originally thought it would. Also, it was a lot harder to make because I used less common LEGO colors. But in the end it was all worth it! 😉

New accessories from Brickforge

March 19, 2009

New Brickforge Realeses, originally uploaded by .Kaupuan..

Brickforge, your friendly neighborhood LEGO compatible weapons and accessories supplier has just released a whole slew fun and nifty batch of things for your Minifig to hold.

If you are not familiar with Brickforge. It provides weapons, helmets and accessories that are compatible with LEGO and maintain the same standards of quality. I recommend Brickforge, along with Brickarms. Both have high quality products that compliment your LEGO collection.

As for the new accessories: the tribal spears, tribal sword and crowbars look pretty neat. I really like the Sorcerer Staff.

One that I find rather interesting is the Microphone. LEGO actually produced a microphone a few years ago for the Belville line. But at the same time, this one does look more like the real thing. 😉

A game by any other name

March 18, 2009

Recently on Eurobricks I found images of the the new LEGO board games that are coming out this summer. Still no word on whether they will be available in the States yet.

From the looks of this, Creationary is basically Pictionary with LEGO bricks. Or it might be similar to the old Creator game that came out a few years ago.

Minotarus looks interesting. For the first time LEGO is venturing into an ancient Greek theme. Who knows if this will manifest itself into an actual Greek Minifig theme. Considering that Playmobile has had a Gladiator theme for a while now, it would be cool if they went in a similar direction.

Pirate Code looks pretty cool too.

There are more images on this site. One of the images shows Lunar Command, which has a space/UFO theme. It also has a close up of the new dice and you can see one of the Microfigs (the game pieces) in the background. From that it looks like the Microfig is only one piece, not two as some have speculated, and that the head is smaller than the standard Minifig head.

Legomilk posted a list of the ten games that will be available:

From August 2009 for sale in Germany and England.
Lego games and a number plus prices overview.

3835 robo champ € .9,99
3836 Magikus € .9,99
3837 sample 4 € .12,99
3838 Lava dragon € .12,99
3839 race 3000 € .19,99
3840 Pirate Code € .19,99
3841 mintotaurus € .24,99
3842 Lunar command € .24,99
3843 Ramses pyramind € .29,99
3844 Creationary € .34,99

On Eurobricks CopMike wrote:

Ten games will first be launched costing between €9.99-34.99. The dice has studs on all six sides and a rubber edge all around. There are 18 different Microfigs.

The more I see of these game the more interested in them I get! 😉

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2009

St Patrick’s Day, originally uploaded by Model Gal.

“No one’s going to get my pot o’ gold!”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day every one. Just thought I’d throw something simple together for the day.

Everything is standard LEGO pieces except for the beard which came from Brickforge.