A game by any other name


Recently on Eurobricks I found images of the the new LEGO board games that are coming out this summer. Still no word on whether they will be available in the States yet.

From the looks of this, Creationary is basically Pictionary with LEGO bricks. Or it might be similar to the old Creator game that came out a few years ago.

Minotarus looks interesting. For the first time LEGO is venturing into an ancient Greek theme. Who knows if this will manifest itself into an actual Greek Minifig theme. Considering that Playmobile has had a Gladiator theme for a while now, it would be cool if they went in a similar direction.

Pirate Code looks pretty cool too.

There are more images on this site. One of the images shows Lunar Command, which has a space/UFO theme. It also has a close up of the new dice and you can see one of the Microfigs (the game pieces) in the background. From that it looks like the Microfig is only one piece, not two as some have speculated, and that the head is smaller than the standard Minifig head.

Legomilk posted a list of the ten games that will be available:

From August 2009 for sale in Germany and England.
Lego games and a number plus prices overview.

3835 robo champ € .9,99
3836 Magikus € .9,99
3837 sample 4 € .12,99
3838 Lava dragon € .12,99
3839 race 3000 € .19,99
3840 Pirate Code € .19,99
3841 mintotaurus € .24,99
3842 Lunar command € .24,99
3843 Ramses pyramind € .29,99
3844 Creationary € .34,99

On Eurobricks CopMike wrote:

Ten games will first be launched costing between €9.99-34.99. The dice has studs on all six sides and a rubber edge all around. There are 18 different Microfigs.

The more I see of these game the more interested in them I get! 😉

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