New accessories from Brickforge


New Brickforge Realeses, originally uploaded by .Kaupuan..

Brickforge, your friendly neighborhood LEGO compatible weapons and accessories supplier has just released a whole slew fun and nifty batch of things for your Minifig to hold.

If you are not familiar with Brickforge. It provides weapons, helmets and accessories that are compatible with LEGO and maintain the same standards of quality. I recommend Brickforge, along with Brickarms. Both have high quality products that compliment your LEGO collection.

As for the new accessories: the tribal spears, tribal sword and crowbars look pretty neat. I really like the Sorcerer Staff.

One that I find rather interesting is the Microphone. LEGO actually produced a microphone a few years ago for the Belville line. But at the same time, this one does look more like the real thing. 😉

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