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New Images for LEGO Battles DS Game

March 25, 2009

The more and more I see of LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS, the more I’m interested in it. It looks like Ninjas, Islanders, and even the new Space Police aliens will be included in the gameplay.

LEGO Battles ArtworkSee More LEGO Battles Artwork at

LEGO Battles ArtworkSee More LEGO Battles Artwork at

The only thing I’m bummed about so far is the lack of the game on other systems like PS2 or Xbox. Nintendo DS has come a long way from the original Gameboy, but it still can’t equal the other systems in visual quality.

After conquering Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones, Lego is finally building a game out of its own parts. Lego Battles for the DS uses the toy maker’s Castle, Pirate, and Space series for more than 70 missions and six different storylines as players create bases and command armies.

To tell you the truth I’m not a big fan of “commanding armies” but I’ll probably buy this one simply because it looks like a great game and I’ve loved all the other LEGO video games created by Travelers Tales.