LEGO Rock Band Is Real


The rumors have been floating around the internet for months, people have speculated on if it was just somebody’s pipe dream, or somebody leaking things a tad too early. Many people, including me, thought it was an unusual combination, but that just made the rumor seem more true. 😉

Well now, after all the speculation, it’s been confirmed. You can read the entire press release or you can read the highlights here:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are joining forces with the LEGO Group, Harmonix and MTV Games to merge two of the most popular videogame franchises with the creation of LEGO® Rock Band®.

The game will be available for the Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION®3 and Wii™ home videogame console (as well as) LEGO Rock Band for Nintendo DS™. All versions are scheduled for release holiday 2009.

LEGO Rock Band combines the multiplayer music experience of Rock Band® with the fun, customization and humor of the LEGO videogame franchise packed with brilliant chart-topping songs and classic favorites suitable for younger audiences, including:
Blur: “Song 2”
Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
Europe: “The Final Countdown”
Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
Pink: “So What”

Players will become rockers as they embark on a journey to stardom that the whole family can enjoy as they work their way through local venues, stadiums and fantasy locations on Earth and beyond that mimic the imaginative settings that the LEGO world offers. Also continuing the LEGO “build-and-play” gaming experience, players will be able to create their own LEGO Rock Band style as they customize their minifigure avatars, band and entourage, including roadies, managers and crew. LEGO Rock Band supports Rock Band instruments, as well as other music game controllers.

Now, the only problem I have with this is that I don’t have a PS3 yet! 😦 However, hopefully by the time this comes out for the Holidays, my gaming situations may change. 😉

I have heard, on the same forums that talked about this when it was a rumor, people complaining that it looks just like every other LEGO Video Game the TT and now Warner Brothers Interactive has produced. That is completely fine in my book. I’ve loved every single one of them, so I have no problems with it. Heck, I even helped launch the LEGO Batman Video Game in New York last year.

I’m pretty excited for this game, I love Guitar Hero, I even made a Guitar Hero Controller a while back. I haven’t played Rock Band yet, so I don’t have an opinion on that one, but I really am looking forward to this game! Two of my favorite things — LEGO and music combined — sounds like music to my ears.


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2 Responses to “LEGO Rock Band Is Real”

  1. LEGO Rock Band Is Real | Console Gaming Says:

    […] post by Modelbuildingsecrets’s Weblog […]

  2. LegoMyMamma Says:

    Hey Mariann, we plan to get it for Wii, since we don’t have PS3 either. We usually buy the PC versions of LEGO games, yet this raises the level of priority for getting a Wii 🙂


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