Traveling to Texas


"I hate to meet the animal that left this!"

I haven’t had much of a chance to post lately, in fact, I haven’t had internet much in the last few days. I’ve been on the road. I’m driving from California to Houston, Texas with my dad. Its just a short trip, but even a short trip takes over a week to complete when you’re driving over 3000 miles round trip.

A couple of days ago, we stopped in Gila Bend, Arizona. We ate at “The World Famous Cactus Burger” place (strange how so many of these road side places are “world famous” but no one’s ever heard of them ;)). The cactus burger was pretty good, but the souvenirs they sold were much more entertaining. I took lots of pictures, which at a later date I will post on Flickr.

I’ll try and keep up with posting as much as I can, but with limited access, my posting may be spotty.


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