USB Hub LEGO style


I’m sure many of you have seen some of the “LEGO” inspired gadgets before. Well, here’s a new one for you, the USB hub. Available from DCX in Korea for 15,920 KRW (appx. $12 USD).

Although it doesn’t say LEGO anywhere (at least I think it doesn’t, I don’t read Korean 😉 ) The pictures certainly suggest as much. The one interesting thing is that you don’t see any actual LEGO connected to the USB hubs, which makes me think that this might not really be compatible.

For me, who remembers the old “LEGO” phone from the Eighties, that was made by Tyco and was compatible (which apparently is still available online ) all of these “LEGO” gadgets are just something to take away from the actual product.

I mean, they are cute. I remember thinking that phone looked really cool (when I was a kid). But at the same time, tech gadgets in general are just not my thing. It took me a really long time even to get a cellphone. Although like the rest of the world, I don’t know what I’d do without it now. So for those who are both LEGO and technically inclined this might be fun addition. 😀


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