Hawaiian Quilt Mosaic


Over on Brickshelf Roygal has posted pictures of the LEAHI — the LEGO Enthusiasts’ Association of Hawaii — Display that they had in January. When I was looking through the pictures I found this great picture of a Hawaii quilt mosaic. This model combines two of my favorite hobbies, LEGO and quilting. 😀

What many people may not know is that not only am I a Master Model Designer, I am also a Master Quilt Designer too. I’ve been quilting for almost as long as I’ve been building with LEGO and I am a sixth generation quilter — so basically its in my blood. 😉 In fact, before I was working at LEGOLAND I worked as a Quilt Teacher in a local quilt store.

I also really like this petroglyph mosaic.  I love seeing different models from different places.  It helps give me more ideas of what I would like to build. 🙂


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One Response to “Hawaiian Quilt Mosaic”

  1. "Big Daddy" Nelson Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Mariann! The quilt is something that I designed using Excel (haha) and Roy built it for the show. The petroglyph and maxifig heads are my creations. Enjoy!

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