Escape From Sector 13


Once again Jordan Schwartz has regaled us with is talents. Not content to merely build a small vignette, Jordan created this impressive diorama. πŸ˜€

Space Police Log 03.

//: Attention, all units please respond.//
//: There is an escape attempt in progress in Sector 13, Cell Block 2.//

//: Inmates identified: Squidman, Snake, Frenzy, Kranxx. Considered armed and extremely dangerous.// Two officers injured, one dead.

//: One of two robotic laser arms disabled, the other malfunctioning.//: Do not let escapees out; use deadly force if needed.//

You really have to look at all the pictures in the original size to really appreciate the full model. My only “complaint” would be the poor officer that had to die. πŸ˜›


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