Its a Mystery (Science Theater 3000)


Chris Doyle of Reasonably Clever has created Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Created for display at CONvergence 2009 and BrickWorld 2009

These are models based on the popular series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Works include life-sized Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot models and a giant 5′ mural of Doctor Forrester.

Work on a SHiP scale SoL is also documented here, although it’s doubtful it’ll be done in time for either show.

Who can better talk about his models than the creator himself? You can read his very detailed account at his site, Reasonably Clever. Read it here:The MST3k Project

I loved the show when I was younger. These models take me back. 😀 Great job Chris!

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One Response to “Its a Mystery (Science Theater 3000)”

  1. Christopher Doyle Says:

    I’m glad you like ’em!
    (And thanks for blogging them!)


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