10197 Fire Brigade


At the start of April I blogged a post asking the question “What’s under the black cloth?” We speculated about:

Considering that it is right next to the Green Grocer and the Market Street and the fact that its about the same height, there is a lot of speculation that it is the next Modular Building

We wondered:

No one knows what it really is (except the LEGO designers of course) 😉 but time will reveal if it is really a set or not.

But now we know!

It is indeed the next Modular Building! The 10197 Fire Brigade.

10197 – Fire Brigade

Ages 16+. 2,231 pieces.

US $ 149.99; CA $ 199.99, UK £ 97.85, DE € 149.99

Build an authentic vintage fire station!

Ding ding ding! There’s a fire in town! The fire brigade drives to the scene from this detailed and realistic 1930’s fire station. Designed to fit with other modular buildings like 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer, the station features rare LEGO® pieces and innovative construction techniques. It includes a ‘30s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures, a fire-dog, an opening station garage door, and a removable building roof for interior access. It also includes 2 fully-furnished floors with fire-fighting tools, racks for the firemen’s helmets, fire-pole, ping-pong table, kitchen with fully-stocked fridge, couch, bookshelf and a roof with a water tower and bell. Measures 14″ (35 cm) high and 10″ (25 cm) wide.

* Includes a 1930’s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures and a fire-dog!
* Features lots of realistic details including fire-fighting tools, racks for firemen’s helmets and even a fire-pole!
* The station house features an opening station garage door and 2 fully-furnished floors including a kitchen with fully-stocked fridge and a ping-pong table!
* Remove the roof for interior access!
* The roof is equipped with a water tower and bell!
* Fire Brigade features rare LEGO elements including bricks and plates in dark tan, 1×1 dark red tiles, a red hot dog and the 3×6×5 Belleville® arch. It also features gold fireman’s helmets, a tan hand bag and a red sliding garage door!
* Measures 14″ (35 cm) high and 10″ (25 cm) wide.
* Add Fire Brigade to your LEGO® Town and combine it with other modular buildings like 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer!

The new element I immediately noticed was the tan Indy pouch. I also noticed the brick-built “1932” (the year LEGO was founded). 😉 As far as I know this is the first time they have included that type of LEGO lettering in an official set, although the Master Model Builders (including myself) have been using this technique for years at the LEGOLAND parks.

I’m glad to see that LEGO is finally showing some of the tricks that the Model Builders have known for years. In fact, that is one of the main reasons I started Model Building Secrets. I wanted to finally reveal the “secrets” of Model Building. They have never really been secrets, its just that no one has come out and explained them. 😀

Any how, sorry for the little tangent, if you would like to see more photos you can see Dunechaser’s Flickr Photostream aka Andrew of Brothers Brick.

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