New LEGO Design Tool


The other day when I went to LEGOLAND I took a picture of The Designers’ Tool Set.


Looks pretty cool doesn’t it? Have you figured out what it does? Well after posting it on Flickr, some asked what it was. If you look closely at the picture, you can kind of tell. It measures LEGO bricks, both vertically and horizontally. It also has groves to measure the different lengths of Technic axles and an angle guide for Technic bars.

If you look really close (or look at the original size) you can also see the retail price — $6.99 USD! Now I love my Brick Remover just as much as any one else, but the measuring tool is a little much, especially for that price! Now I can’t really tell what the purpose of the different Technic axle measurements and Technic bars is, but I do have a cheaper alternative to measuring LEGO bricks.

A Cheaper Alternative

My solution, stack a set of bricks in alternating colors, put clear tape on it, and write the numbers on the clear tape. 1-20 — or whatever number you want it to measure to — on one side, 20-1 on the other. It won’t harm the bricks (you just take the tape off) and you instantly have a “measuring tape.”

For horizontal measurements, take a 2×10 brick or plate, put alternating 1×2 tiles on it and write the numbers 1-10 on it. This is a much cheaper alternative than the other, and this is what we actually did in the Model Shop as Master Model Builders at LEGOLAND California (in fact I still use this technique all the time).

Of course our “measuring tapes” (well bars technically) 😉 were much longer, since we build rather large models. But that is also the beauty of this solution. You can build your measuring tool as long as you need it to be for the project you are working on, and if you run out of bricks, you can always take the tool apart. 😀

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One Response to “New LEGO Design Tool”

  1. John Says:

    Dear Sir,

    If you have a use for this Lego tool, and I use for working out the gear sizes and spacing,………………………..

    Get one from the UK. Only £0.97 on special!

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