Lino has “Dung” it again!


The Battle Bugs battlefield has just gotten a little nastier with the inclusion of these deadly Dung Beetles! Modeled after real dung beetles, the spheres they roll around are not poop…but rather a highly powerful explosive. (T)hese little buggers are designed to scurry underneath larger bug mechs, where they are most vulnerable, and blow them to smithereens. Should they themselves get destroyed in the process, these unmanned robotic drones make the perfect suicide bombers. Upon demolition, a radio signal is sent to the mysterious unseen “Battle Queen” and more Dung Beetles are deployed. For every one that is destroyed, there are 10,000 more lurking in waiting to take its place! Fighting them at a distance is effective, but by the time they are within sight it is already too late.

Lino is unquestionably the master of LEGO automotive models, now with his LEGO Battle Bugs he is showing us all that he can basically build whatever he wants. 😀 The more I see of this new fad, the more I like it and the more I want to build my own Battle Bug to join the swarm. I can’t wait for BrickCon in October to see all the creations in person.


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One Response to “Lino has “Dung” it again!”

  1. Lino Says:

    Hah! I didn’t know you blogged this until now. Thanks! I was wondering how someone was going to do a more…um…cleaner version of my write up and leave it to you to pull it off nicely.

    Wayne Hussey saw these at the last SEALUG meeting and was totally thrilled. He took very detailed photos of these and wants to build as many of these as possible and encourages everyone to do the same. He suggested a neat idea, every one have their own color coded Lego plates hidden underneath so that at the end of the con we can all know who’s dung beetle goes to who. Mine are the prototypes so they’re solid black. Might I suggest pink for you as you are such a girly girl. 😉

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