LEGO Dice (Deconstructed)


I found this over at Brickbuildr and just had to pass this along. Looks like someone got their hands on one of the new dice from the LEGO board games and then ripped off all the rubber casing. The title in German says “a new SNOT piece.” 😀

I don’t know what exactly I’d do with it (the multitude of possibilities are already running through my brain) but I’m pretty sure I just might have to try this when I get my own LEGO board game set. Since I’m sure that I’ll get more than one of the different board games, I’ll just plan from the start to rip off the casing on one (or more) of mine. 😉


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One Response to “LEGO Dice (Deconstructed)”

  1. Adam Dray Says:

    Drat! Rolled a “4” /again/!

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