LEGO Ambassadors Cycle 7 Announced


I pulled this directly off Brothers Brick, so thanks guys to making this public. πŸ˜‰

The next cycle of LEGO Ambassadors has been announced, which includes 45 representatives spanning 27 nationalities and 50 different groups, which is quite impressive in its diversity and a testimonial to the worldwide interest in the hobby.

Sebastion Arts – De Bouwsteen – The Netherlands
Sue Ann Barber – MUGs – Australia
Patrick Begin – QueLUG – Canada
Heiner Berg – MBFR – Germany
Norbert Black – ParLUGment – Canada
Pitsanu Boonyarit – Thai Brick Club – Thailand
Andrew Bulthaupt – BZPower – USA
Pijarn Charoensri – T-LUG – Thailand
Marco Chiappa – ItLUG – Italy
Ben Coifman – Railbricks, ILTCO & COLTC – USA
Fernando Correia – PLUG – Portugal
Yvonne Doyle – Brickish Association – the United Kingdom
Ben Ellermann –, GtwLUG, – USA
Adrian Florea – RoLUG – Romania
David Furphy – CALG – Australia
Lluis Gibert – HispaLUG – Spain
Tim Gould – – Australia
Matija Grguric – Klub Kockice – Croatia
Philip Heinrich – – USA
Tom Jacobs – – Belgium
Tsang Yiu Keung – HKLUG – Hong Kong
Sung-Wan Kim – BrickInside – South Korea
Christian Krutzfeldt – 1000Steine – Germany
Tuomas Kukkamaa – Palikkatakomo – Finland
John Langrish – VicLUG – Canada
Igor Makarov – DoubleBrick & Phantoms – Russia
Lino Martins – LUGNUTS & SeaLUG – USA
Matija Puzar – Brikkelauget – Norway
Don Reitz – – USA
Wagner Cavalli – LUG Brasil – Brazil
Harald Roossien – LowLUG – The Netherlands
Dan Rubin – – USA
Kazuyoshi Saito – AFOL Japan – Japan
Svend Erik Saksun – Byggepladen – Denmark
Verena Schaden – LCOe – Austria
James Shields – Brick.IE – Ireland
Josephine Shih – TWLUG – Taiwan
Mikael Sjostedt – Eurobricks & SweLUG – Sweden
Pedro Silva – Comunidade 0937 – Portugal
Ludo Soete – BeLUG – Belgium
Stacy Sterling – MOCpages & TwinLUG – USA
Saso Tomat – Slobricks – Slovenia
Jenn Wagner – BrickLink – Canada
Marcin Witkiewicz – LugPol – Poland
Cagri Yuz – TurkLUG – Turkey

I’m just glad to see there are some girls this time. Not that I’m a feminist or anything, but LEGO needs to hear the female perspective and listen to it. Its been way too long of LEGO not really marketing to girls the right way.

Congrats to my friend Lino Martins, he totally deserves it! I’m sure the others do to, I just don’t know them personally. πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to “LEGO Ambassadors Cycle 7 Announced”

  1. lbaixinho Says:

    In the last cycle had at least three women!

  2. Mariann Asanuma Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know. I wasn’t as much into the online community last year.

    • lbaixinho Says:

      πŸ™‚ I have to know, one woman of the last two cycles is my wife :).
      I think that the first woman to be LA was Diana Wong at cycle 4. In the cycle 5 appears TΓ’nia (my wife) and Barbara from Holand. I think that Barbara and Casper (also a LA for the cycle 5) are a couple so, the program had a couple too πŸ™‚

  3. Lino Says:

    Thanks for the help on this and testimonial and such. Now that I’ve been unanimously elected as Lego Ambassador, I have to look up in the dictionary to see what is it exactly that an Ambassador does. Something about piece treaties and diplomatic immunity. Cool! πŸ™‚

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