Gold Minifig Disassembled


Not that I’m recommending this, but David Pickett aka fallentomato disassembled the Chrome Gold Minifig Keychain that he got with a $75 or more purchase (like that’s hard 😉 ) at a LEGO store.

Personally I’ve never tried this. When asked how he did it David said:

I use pliers to grip the loop closest to the pin and held on to the fig with a dishtowel. It took me about 10 minutes to get it out. Slow constant pressure is the key. I may have just gotten lucky though, it seemed pretty loose to start with, the head could turn when I took it out of the package.

Again, I don’t recommend or suggest this to anyone! So don’t complain to me if you damage your figure by trying to do this. I just thought it was interesting to see (vicariously) what happens when you take one apart.


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2 Responses to “Gold Minifig Disassembled”

  1. rbininger Says:

    Looks like a perfect candidate for a removable-limb version of C3PO for an Empire Strikes Back MOC!

  2. Golden minifigure: Disassembled - Little Coloured Bricks Says:

    […] AT: Modelbuildingsecrets’ Weblog Share and […]

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