Built to Crash


Billy McGill aka Mt. Dew Monkey who I have featured several times on my blog and is the creator of the LEGO Sculpture Flikr group is now inspiring his relatives to create with LEGO.

My little cousin came over and wanted me to help him with a 4-H project. He had the choice of building a set, but he said that would be cheating. I’m so proud of him. I asked hime what he wanted to build and he didn’t know. So I asked him his favorite video game character and he said Crash Bandicoot. I’ve never heard of it. So we downloaded some pictures and printed them off. Here is what we ended up with. Yes, he did most of the building. I just kinda guided him.

For a first attempt I give it a thumbs up. 🙂 I didn’t even attempt to make actual LEGO sculptures till I was already an adult. My only surprise is that Billy didn’t know who Crash Bandicoot was.


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