Oh no! They killed Kenny!


Okay, I am not a Southpark fan, but even I have to admit that this is pretty cool. A few days ago I saw this teaser WIP (work in progress) on Flickr.

Now we can finally see the result.

Dirk VH aka dm_meister has created yet another sculptural model this time depicting Kenny McKormick from the show Southpark. It is a little grisly, but at the same time I admire the artistic design of this model.

He has captured the character perfectly, and even the axe is well designed. Although I think his brick height count may be a little off.

Kenny’s just walking around a bit in South Park, unaware of what the Grim Reaper has in store for him. This sculpture stands 51,67 brick layers tall.

Just by looking at the model, I only counted a little over 50 bricks in height. 😉


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One Response to “Oh no! They killed Kenny!”

  1. Dirk VH Says:

    Hi Mariann,

    fyi the height of the model : the first 2/3’s are black plates ( Kenny’s feet ).
    Then there’s 51 layers of mainly orange bricks.

    Thanks for blogging, appreciate it.


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