Falcon Family Foto


I knew that LEGO had produced multiple versions of the Millennium Falcon over the years, but seeing so many all at once is pretty cool. The only one Andrew aka Bard with a Beard on Flickr is missing is the Classic Millennium Falcon from 2000.

I have yet to get the Ultimate Collector Millennium Falcon, and seeing it up close again at this past Comic Con made me really want it. Of course I also want to get the new Death Star and now I want LEGO Rock Band. All hits to my wallet! Don’t you hate it when LEGO makes too many good things? 😉


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One Response to “Falcon Family Foto”

  1. Christian Says:

    The one on the middel, do you have the number?
    I have bought one secondhand and i can’t fund any instruktions.
    Hope you can help me.


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