Living in LEGO


Who hasn’t dreamed of actually making a LEGO house? Well James May of the British show Top Gear (along with thousands of his countrymen) is actually doing it.

Rebecca Younger of Get Surrey (yes, that’s the name of the paper 😉 ) writes:

Queues stretched outside Denbies Wine Estate on Saturday – some people having arrived as early as 4.30am – with 1,200 of them given tickets to help the Top Gear presenter with his dream of building a life-size Lego home.

“We were only expecting 50 or 60 people to turn up,” May admitted when he spoke to Get Surrey at the vineyard.

“But I think people just really like the idea. When you’re a child there is so much you want to build but you can’t because you just don’t have enough bricks. Now I’m an adult I can have as much as I want.”

May plans to live in the two-storey house, which when finished will have a toilet, shower and low-level lighting, for a couple of days.

“I know they were a little worried about me going up the stairs but I’m happy to go upstairs and sleep.”

The whole project is being filmed for the BBC series James May’s Toy Stories, which has so far seen the presenter building a life-size model aeroplane and a garden from plasticine.

“Because of the intricacies of it all, because everything is being made of Lego they are carrying out lots of tests,” he said.

“There are people in the winery testing the floor beams and the furniture in the house.

“I can’t wait to see the finished product. I played with Lego when I was younger but have not really thought about it much since then but we’re really excited.

“My staff have turned into real Lego fanatics over the past couple of weeks.”

In another report it says that over three million bricks were delivered to the site. That may sound like a lot, but I know a thing or two about LEGO and I don’t know if it will be enough. I’m also wondering about the working bathroom. Everything else in the LEGO house is completely possible without altering the LEGO. Although sitting on a LEGO chair can be a little hard and uncomfortable — just think of all those knobs!

My first question when I heard of this was “are LEGO Master Builders involved in the construction?” From what I’ve read in the articles online, there is no mention of Master Model Builders at all, so that makes me curious. If I was the average person planning to make a LEGO house, would I consult the people that know exactly what they are doing with it? 😐

When I read that they were planning on making a LEGO bathroom I got even more worried. The only problem with making a LEGO toilet or shower is that LEGO is not watertight. Even when it is glued LEGO has tiny cracks between each brick. So they will need something to fill in all the gaps or they just might have a problem . . . 😕

Because I worked at LEGOLAND I’ve been on the inside large LEGO models (like the Volvo XZ90) and without some sort of insulation, the inside of a LEGO model is the same temp or on very sunny days, hotter then the outside. And without windows of some sort, it gets very dark inside a LEGO model. 😛

In fact the more I think about the realistic logistics of actually living in a LEGO house for any length of time the less and less appealing it is. I mean I love LEGO, don’t get me wrong. But I also love sitting on a soft couch, sleeping on a soft mattress, and walking on carpeted floors.

Now if you wanted to be really fanatical about it I suppose it would be possible using only LEGO official parts to create some sort of insulation, cushions for a couch, and carpeting. If you go into Duplo products they actually have some soft, fabric elements for their little Duplo figures. Heck you could even use lots and lots of Minifig capes if you wanted, sew them together, and fill it with 1×1 round plates and make a bean-bag chair. But that’s getting into the utter ridiculous! 😆

Still, in getting back to James May’s LEGO house, we shall just have to wait and see what the end result of this will be. I wish him good luck and happy building! 🙂


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