Learning to be a Master Model Builder


Following my earlier post about the newest Model Builders Ryan Wood and Mark Larson have posted some images of their first days as a Master Model Builder.

Edit: Pictures were taken down by request of LEGOLAND.

Right now they are training to be Master Model Builders. When they actually start getting to work on the new LEGOLAND Malaysia and LEGOLAND Dubai they won’t be able to share what they are building. 😦 I understand though, LEGOLAND wants to keep the models secret until they debut in the new parks. 🙂 I had to keep a lot of model secrets when I worked there (inspiration for my company name). 😉

They learned to make a lot of Miniland people. Mark created a whole family and Ryan Wood’s mermaid is really cute.

It looks like they have a whole binder on LEGO model building.

I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. 😐 I didn’t get any of the training they are getting during my first days as a Model Builder. They didn’t really know how to train some one yet, since all of the people who used to be the trainers had gone back to Europe. They did give me some glue training, but they didn’t really train me on different model building techniques. I kind of had to learn on my own. 😕

When the first Master Model Builder Search happened I became one of trainers for all the new people. I’m a natural teacher. In fact, before I worked at LEGOLAND I was a Quilt Teacher. That’s also why I started writing my LEGO instruction books after I left LEGOLAND. I wanted to teach others what I know. 🙂

I’m glad that they are getting much better training and that they will be able to get to build such exciting models. Good luck to Mark, Ryan, and all the new Model Builders. 😀

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