World’s First actual LEGO Book


I’ve been waiting for the final result of V&A Steamworks (Guy Himber’s) latest project — an actual LEGO book! 😀

This has been one of those projects that I just couldn’t put down.

All LEGO, with a fully functional spine, cover and pages.

The ‘pages’ are printed on vinyl and feature some of my favorite personal LEGO Steampunk builds

It truly is stunningly original! 🙂

I also couldn’t pass by one of his other really cool models, the Clockwork Jellyfish.

Great job Guy!


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2 Responses to “World’s First actual LEGO Book”

  1. russ Says:

    Wow! impressive creations.

  2. Kitten Says:

    Lovely book – not to detract from what is pretty cool here – but “First Lego Book” distinction likely goes to Canadian experimental poet Christian Bok who produced a book of poetry (including the pages and text) entirely out of Lego in the early part of the decade. Check it out on the interwebs.

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