New LEGO Christmas Sets are popping up


New Christmas LEGO

Just when you think you’ve seen all the sets of the year, LEGO throws everyone for a curve ball and brings out new sets for Christmas!

Holiday CandleOrnaments

They are starting to sell these new LEGO sets at LEGOLAND California. Christmas Angel Keychains, Santa Magnets, and Countdown Candles.

Decorated parts

The Countdown Candle has printed bricks and two gold chrome bricks! I still haven’t decided if I want to open the bag yet.

The ornaments are also pretty cool. The brick designs aren’t the greatest, but the cool thing is that you can put anything you want (that fits 😉 ) in the ornament and it is designed to hold a 6×6 radar dish in its rim to display the creation. Also, the hole at the top of the ornament to hang it actually fits the LEGO top stud (or knob) so that opens up a wide range of possibilities and makes the ornament ball an official LEGO building element. It does have some decorated print of “snow” on the top of the ornament, but other than that is completely clear.


No word on when these sets will be available at other LEGO stores or online, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes open.

The Countdown Candle is $19.99 USD
The Holiday Ornaments is $24.99 USD (a little steep in my opinion, but I couldn’t pass up the clear plastic shell)
The Santa Magnet is $6.99 USD
The Angel Ornament is $4.99 USD
The Chrome 4×4 Gold Magnets are $9.99 USD

Apparently I’ve heard from one of my fellow SANDluggers that the Advent Calenders also showed up today at LEGOLAND. I don’t know if it is only the Town one or if LEGO is giving us a break and allowing the US the Pirate one as well. The sets are going fast, even if it is August! So keep a look out at your LEGO store or online.

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