And now, here’s Woody . . .


Earlier I mentioned that LEGO had created a 5’3″ Buzz Lightyear. Now here’s his favorite Toy Story pal Woody.

VENICE, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LEGO models of Woody and Buzz Lightyear were unveiled by Disney Consumer Products as part of a dedicated Toy Story-themed family area at the 66th Venice Film Festival. Constructed from 13,600 LEGO bricks in 150 hours, this was the global unveiling of the Woody model. The Buzz Lightyear model, seen for the first time in Europe, was constructed from 40,000 LEGO bricks in 250 hours by 3 Master Builders.

My good friend Erik Varszegi was one of the Master Model Builders that helped to create this model. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some better pictures of this model so that you can see it better.

Building a model like Woody can be an engineering challenge because he is so top heavy. When creating the virtual Woody of the films or even the actual toys themselves the fact that his head is too large for his body isn’t a problem. When building a 6’6″ tall replica, that can be a big problem. You notice how the one leg is straight while the other is bent? The straight leg has a steel rod running up it, that is attached to the barely visible (at least in the photo) steel plate that is on the ground. That way this model can stand safely without people having to worry that it might fall over. And trust me, you don’t want a model that size falling on you! 😯

But its all good, Erik and his fellow builders have had years of experience making models. Great job LEGO Enfeild Model Shop! 🙂

This makes me even more excited about the LEGO Toy Story sets coming out next year!

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2 Responses to “And now, here’s Woody . . .”

  1. Jason Says:

    We had a similar problem with Snap, Crackle & Pop for the KCC project. Steel armatures were a necessary safety precaution. Tony might have been ok, and the Froot Loops box almost assuredly would have been fine, but we wanted to be absolutely confident in their connection to the bases. As the customer intended to move the statues around at times.

  2. Building Jack Sparrow « Modelbuildingsecrets's Weblog Says:

    […] has created many other life-sized sculptures during his tenure at LEGO such as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, Capitan Rex of Star Wars: Clone Wars, and […]

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