Disney’s D23 LEGO Mosaic


Photo Credit: Andrew Petersen

I wasn’t able to go to Disney’s first D23 Convention this past weekend up in Anaheim right across from Disneyland, but a lot of other people were. One of the highlights LEGO-wise was the LEGO Mosaic that everyone got to help build. This was very similar to the Bionicle mosaic building event that I helped run at Comic Con. Convention guests were given a 6×6 plate with the color already on there so it was a build-by-color event.

My good friend Erik Varszegi one of the LEGO Master Model Builders ran the event.

Just like the Bionicle mosaic, you couldn’t tell what it was until a good majority of the plates were on there. The mosaic measures 8 feet by 15 feet. And features a whole host of Disney characters and celebrities including the man himself Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear. What’s really cool is that they made a time-lapse video of the entire build.

Awesome job Erik and all the D23 guests!


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