The (LEGO) house that James May built


It looks like the world’s first all LEGO house is being taken down. After all the hub-bub of James May creating a life sized LEGO house out of 3.3 million LEGO bricks it is going the way of many personal MOCs (my own creations) by being taken appart. 😦

Workmen started breaking down the structure which consisted of 3.3 million Lego bricks after no-one showed any interest in taking on the building.

Plans for Legoland to move it to their theme park fell through because transport costs were too high and despite a final Facebook appeal for someone to take it, no-one came forward.

“We expect that the house will have been completely taken apart by the end of the week and after that, the bricks are going to be donated to charity,”

A move to Legoland in Windsor, Berks., fell through when staff realised it would have cost £50,000 pounds to dismantle it and reassemble it.

A spokesman for the BBC said that no-one came forward with a last minute offer to take the building – despite a Facebook appeal.

You can read the full article here.

For the time it was up, it was one of the largest unglued LEGO structures ever built.

He did end up making a working bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet (it didn’t look all that comfortable). 😕

He also slept on the very hard LEGO bed.

You can see a whole bunch of the pictures of the house here.

I would have done it differently, but considering that James isn’t really a LEGO enthusiast, its impressive none the less. It truly is sad that it has to come down so soon. 😦


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3 Responses to “The (LEGO) house that James May built”

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  3. Jake Brennan Says:

    James may IS a lego enthusiast.

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