Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm


The second installment of Classic Pirates’ Pillage the Villiage is starting tomorrow and runs till November 30th.

The pirates finally got tired of pillaging, plundering and looting, and decided to partake in more civilised hobbies, letting life return to normal for the poor afflicted soldiers, civilians, islanders and sea monsters: a period of peace and prosperity has arrived! From taking tea with the Governor to bombarding their sweethearts with barrages of roses, this next chapter of the Pillage the Village saga explores the unchartered waters of peaceful pirates, impotent imperials, carefree civilians, Do they polish the cannons, or polish off the rum? Race their rowing boats, or repair the harbor? Chill out under a palm tree, or cut it down to build a shack? Explore foreign territories, or the local brothels?

This doesn’t have to be pirates – islander, armada, civilian and imperial MOCs are all welcome too. You can even show the hobbies of Mr Kraken, should you want… But brutality and violence are unwanted in this new (temporarily) civilised era: whilst one drunken pirate punching another is acceptable, a full scale brawl is a step too far. Take this as the benchmark for the upper level of brutality permitted. Hunting and fishing have a slightly higher level of violence permitted.

Remember, judging is done by a public vote, so appeal to your audience!

See the full list of rules here and see the awesome prizes here. 🙂


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