Slick Bricks Custom Plates


Choose from any state or Canadian Provence or if you have a plate that we don’t currently make, just ask! We’re always happy to work with you to get the custom plate that you need.

My good friend Heather LEGOgirl and Alex Eylar have started a

company specializing in custom decals designed by builders for builders, for use with LEGO® products and models.

It’s good to see a fellow FFOL (female fan of LEGO) dipping her toe in the commercial side of LEGO. The LEGO company itself will never offer everything that the LEGO fans want and companies like Slick Bricks fill in the gaps.

Slick Bricks is just getting underway, but it looks like a very promising company. 🙂 They’ll be offering custom decals (license plates available now, street signs coming soon), custom minifig torsos, and custom LEGO sets. They aren’t available yet, but from what I saw of the thumbnails, the customs sets look really cool. My favorite has to be the “Starblox” and I don’t even like coffee! 😀

They are also offering custom Zombie Heads just in time for BrickCon which is less than a week away. Both the license plates and the zombie heads are $1 each.

Heather and Alex will be bringing a bunch of the license plates to BrickCon as well. The license plates really are pretty slick so order yours today! 😉


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One Response to “Slick Bricks Custom Plates”

  1. Athos Says:

    I saw a real license plate from Nevada that was LEGOMAN.

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