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“I wanna Rock and Roll all Night!”

October 1, 2009

With the release of LEGO Rock Band November 10th, lots of us have been wanting our own minifig scale guitars. Well now with Hazel’s Amazing Armory custom guitar set you can. πŸ™‚

Available for purchase at Custom Mini Fig on November 15th, right after the game release, this very cool LEGO guitar set will retail for around $20 USD and come with “8 pcs guitar & 2 hardcase in 1 pack.”

These would be the perfect set for any lego rockstar fan, and they provide infinite custom paint jobs for those of you good with a paint brush, all that’s missing is an amp and cable. These should be on sale soon and form part of the 2010 collection.

Here you can see an early prototype of one of the guitars and the Slash hat.

Here’s the final Slash hat. No word on when this will be released for purchase other than “soon.”

These are the perfect addition to any LEGO collection and until LEGO makes an official LEGO guitar these are the next best thing! πŸ˜‰